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    So you’ve found Jonelifish, and you’re wondering what really makes us different from all of the other notebooks out there. Please allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about Jonelifish.

    Who's behind Jonelifish?

    Jonelifish was started by Jonel Imutan, an artist, community muralist/organizer, and University of the Pacific magna cum laude graduate. With a degree in Studio Art and a penchant for all that is colorful, she wholeheartedly embarked on this notebook-making journey in 2014. Little did she know that there would be such high demand for her handmade and one of a kind notebooks! Now she and Rosie, a fellow Pacific graduate work to make the Jonelifish experience the best possible.

    How is a Jonelifish made?

    To look into what it takes to make a Jonelifish, we have to look at the final product. With some customers requesting custom colors, intricate carvings, and even pyrography, it is very easy to see how orders can become overwhelming. Everything is done by the one and only Jonel, from the cutting of the leather to the hand-mixing of the colors. While some makers may find lovely pieces of leather to work with and forgo dying, Jonel sees each notebook more as a canvas, a piece that is akin to an art commission and deserving of her all of her fine art repertoire. Techniques used vary from notebook to notebook, but there is no doubt that by the end, the notebook has been given its own personality and transformed to serve a purpose – ready to follow its path to the customer’s hands and accompany them on a journey of their own.

    Custom notebooks, you say? How long do those take?

    Custom notebooks take a bit of time, not only because of the demanding techniques used in creating them, but because they require inspiration and an artisanal connection; there is a great deal of love put into each piece, just as you would find with other fine art. Each piece is treated as an art commission, no shortcuts, no stencils, and definitely no duplicates. Even when two notebooks of the same color and style are ordered, they will not be identical. The color palette may be the same, but the design will always vary, ensuring that each notebook will be as unique as the person ordering it.

    Expect approximately a three to five week turnaround time for customizable notebooks, but know that they will be worth the wait! :)

    We occasionally also offer Ready Made notebooks that ship out within a week (in case you can't wait to get your hands on a Jonelifish of your own!).

    ** Occasionally, production and shipping delays will occur due to the volume of orders and unforeseeable circumstances; we appreciate your patience. **

    What counts as a customizable notebook?

    Any notebook that gives you configuration options (elastics/closing bands/colors/etc) counts as a customizable notebook. Since we are such a small business, we unfortunately cannot have stock of all of our products - especially with so many configuration options! Because of this, every notebook not specifically labeled "ready made" falls under the customizable category and will typically take 3 to 5 weeks to ship.

    What sizes are available?

    We offer lots of sizes from Micro (A7) up to Composition size! Please see the chart below to see which insert sizes correspond to notebook sizes. :) All of our notebooks are also somewhat "wide" to accommodate more inserts without overhang, but can be made smaller or larger depending on your needs. For this and any custom sizes, please feel free to contact us at info@jonelifish.com!

    How do I care for my Jonelifish?

    Once you have received your Jonelifish notebook, there is no doubt that you will want to preserve it for as long as possible! We recommend using mink oil approximately once a week, or whenever the leather feels as though it needs hydration (depending on the conditions of its environment). Like skin, leather is more supple and resilient when moisturized, and the amount of moisture will depend on the type of exposure your Jonelifish will receive. A method we have had success with is buffing a bit of mink oil in circular motions with a soft cloth, leaving it for a while to soak in, and wiping off any excess. You may find that over time, as you condition your notebook, it will develop a glossy finish and may not need to be conditioned as often.

    What will the inside of my Jonelifish look like?

    Unless a custom interior is ordered, your Jonelifish will come with a coordinating interior. Depending on the number of elastics requested, your notebook might look a bit different from typical TNs, but that is only to comfortably accommodate your inserts.

    I still have more questions before ordering, who can I contact?

    Feel free to contact Roseileen (Rosie) at Roseileen@Jonelifish.com with any inquiries you may have. You may also message us directly at Facebook.com/Jonelifish.

    Thank you for your support!

    PS: All of our terms and conditions can be found here, including our return and exchange and privacy policies!